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Honest and Sincere Service
The satisfaction of our customers is our #1 goal. We strive to provide a service that is not only technical but also open, communicative and friendly
Over 15 Years of Experience
Hands on experience since 2004 in electronic design services software and hardware - an experienced engineer is guaranteed to work on your project
Extensive IP Available
We reuse our IP - general purpose sw modules and hardware circuits, cutting risks and reducing development time
Easy to Work With
There is no need to be an expert to work with us, just tell us what you need and let us guide you with the different options
Reasonable Cost
We offer fixed and reasonable cost that is known upfront. Its easy to receive a quote, just contact us below
Proven Quality
Our experience and knowhow in electronics combined with tried and tested IP available for reuse allow us to provide quality engineering services

Electronic Product Development Services

We provide In-House all electronic design services needed for custom product development. Both software and hardware, DSP, MCU, FPGA, custom PCB design services and mechanical enclosure. We can perform a full turnkey project, or any portion of it according to customer's preference.

Wireless & IoT

Bluetooth, Lora, GSM, 2.4Ghz, 868 / 915Mhz, Wifi, Positioning systems using UWB, custom FMCU Radars, mmWave Radars

Imaging Systems

Various CMOS Cameras, RT video systems, custom compression algorithms, modification of JPEG, motion estimation in DCT domain, sensor control algorithms, LCD interfaces and GUI device drivers


Various TCP/IP stack modifications, AES-CBC sw and hw, VLAN 802.1q, MAC drivers, SGMII integration, PHY control, USB custom drivers

Media & Storage

Various drivers for SD, eMMC, CF, NOR and NAND flashes. Custom high speed FAT32, NAND wear leveling and bad block management, encryption, custom booting modes and second stage loaders

Audio & Analog

Multiplexed ADC interfaces, hw and sw filters, ultra low THD+N audio systems, condenser studio microphones, phased array audio output, ultrasound rx / tx systems, mp3, various algorithms

Electronic Product Development Services

Electronics Engineering Services

Electronics Engineering Services
Schematics & Layout

We have over 15 years of experience with electronic engineering and we offer in-house schematics & layout services. We also source the PCB and components and handle all operations until assembled boards are at hand

Optimized in specific directions

According to the requirements we can: minimize BOM cost / power consumption / board size, improved noise immunity / heat transfer, increase battery life etc...

Special boards

In addition to regular multi-layers, we can offer HDI boards / uVias / blind / buried vias / bendable Flex boards / Rigid-Flex boards. In case of need, we have tight communication with PCB / assembly factories

Digital, Analog, Power, RF

We develop any mixture of the above. While no two boards are similar, there are always 'building blocks' which are general purpose and can be reused - reducing risks and speeding up the development

We're in the loop

We provide assistance with board bring-up once assembled boards arrive, and we are open to provide debugging support even months afterwards

Software Support

If required, we can also offer software board support package / drivers and examples. We also offer full turnkey solutions

The 10 Commandments of PCB Design

We could probably write several dozens more of do's and dont's. But if we are to pick only 10 - these would be the ones that are more 'clear cut'. Please note that there are many other issues in which case by case judgment has to be made, weighing the upsides and downsides of the different options

Background of electronic circuit schematics
Never ignore the return current

Return currents must be allowed to easily flow back to the source. A proper return path of least impedance is required

Minimize via perforation of planes under BGAs

Ground and power planes can provide high frequency decoupling for BGA ICs. Try to minimize this 'via damage'

Never route a high speed signal over a slit in ref plane

The return current always finds a way back to the source, but doing so can cause EMI, noise or even malfunction

Avoid routing DDR memory on outer layers

Not only EMI can be worse by ~10db, propagation delay on outer and inner layers can differ by 20%, causing skew

Extreme care when routing HS signal between layers

When a high speed signal must switch layers using vias, make sure its return current also has a flow path close by

Background of electronic circuit schematics
Don't leave your vias open

Usually, vias should be tented with soldermask (at least). This protects the via and avoids solder leaking into the barrel

Cutout the ground in critical locations

Certain analog ICs are very sensitive to stray capacitance, carefully cutting the ground plane underneath can really help

Always double check your gerbers with a viewer

Double check your CAD's outputs with an external gerber viewer - for correctness, completeness, and clarity

Don't break a board from the panel by hand

Fragile ICs on a board may crack and fail when the board is broken from the panel. There are proper ways to do it

Don't try to annotate everything on the silkscreen

With today's PCBs, hardly any room is left to properly annotate everything. Use the assembly drawings for that

Technical Article - PCB Via and PCB Design

We have recently added an in depth guide to PCB vias. It also explains about HDI stackup and reliability issues of through hole vias. We recommend understanding the basics of PCB design even if you just plan to outsource your board.

pcb hdi stackup and examples of via types

Our Customers

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We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry!
Most of our customers have engineers in house, yet they choose to outsource to us:
- Tough projects where the cost of the electronic design services need to be determined upfront.
- For the expertise we have in specific processor or circuit.
- When high degree of optimization is needed, i.e small PCB size, low latency communication, long battery life etc.
- Risky projects where its hard to estimate cost / time.
- Returning customers need no specific reason.


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You can add us on WhatsApp or Messenger to
      receive a direct contact to an engineer

- You can add us on WhatsApp or Messenger to receive a direct contact to an engineer

It's free to consult and ask
  questions, we can also help
     you finalize your specs

- It's free to consult and ask questions, we can also help you finalize your specs

  Rest assured, we take our
  projects very seriously, we
always do our best work

- Rest assured, we take our projects very seriously, we always do our best work

About us

Photo of Guy Shemesh, owner of ePiccolo Engineering

Based in Haifa, Israel, ePiccolo Engineering was established in 2008 by Guy Shemesh. Guy holds a B.Sc degree from the Technion (Summa Cum Laude) which he graduated in 2002 and served thereafter in the IDF in one of the elite technological units of the intelligent forces - working hands-on on DSPs, as well as on electronics and other programmable devices.

Being an engineer in the heart and soul, Guy always ran away from management positions and never hesitated to learn and apply new technologies. He is actively involved in every engineering project to this very day and happily shares knowledge and collaborates with other engineers.

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